Best of the Best

If you're new here or just don't have the time to dig through the archives, I'm here to help. Here are a few of my favorite posts. Happy reading!

"But My 'Why Not Me?' Philosophy Began..."
This is when I realized that I am a "Yes Girl." Instead of saying "I don't sing karaoke," "I won't try online dating," "I can't do that," I started saying "Why not me?"

Tucker Tale #4: Mother's Day Edition
A post honoring my angel and friend, my mother, on Mother's Day.

Tucker Tale #5: Father's Day Edition
A Father's Day post written in celebration of the awesome man I'm lucky enough to call my dad.

Thanksgiving Thoughts
A post celebrating being home for Thanksgiving after spending the previous Thanksgiving in the hospital. You could say I was pretty happy to be celebrating at home with my family.

Date a Girl
Think of this as a really long personal ad....actually, don't. This post was inspired by a wonderful blog post my mother sent to me called Date a Girl Who Reads. To be honest, I really liked the style and thought it might be fun to write one about myself.

A Thanksgiving post from 2012, my list of things I am thankful for.

25 Things at 25
Birthday posts are always fun and I started the tradition of doing a list for each birthday. This post was basically 25 things I'd learned in my 25 years. I loved writing this one.

The Dos & Don'ts of Online Dating
I'm always entertained by any post in which I attempt to offer advice. This was especially exciting because eHarmony tweeted the link to their Twitter followers and posted it on their Facebook page. I was so excited about this!

Valentine's Day Recap 2 Weeks Later
I've written about my fair share of dating stories on this here blog, but this one takes the cake as the most entertaining in my book. This was a downright nightmare of a date, but I can at least find humor in an awkward situation like this one.

26th Birthday Bucket List 
I warned you; I really love these posts. This was so much fun to write and to attempt to cross everything off the list!

Birthday Recap
Was I successful in crossing everything off my 26th Birthday Bucket List? I tell you all about it here!

28 Days of Thanks: Mission Accomplished!
I went on a mission to take time out of each day and send/give a thank you note to one person in my life each day for 28 days. This is the recap and just looking back makes me want to send a few thank you notes this week!

Times Are Changing
A post about settling down and starting a life with a wonderful man. In this post I talk about making some changes to my blog that reflect this new phase of my life.

Why you shouldn't try to dump someone on April Fools' Day
A funny story about an unfortunate situation when my friend dumped someone on April Fools' Day.


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