Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Emma Joy: One Year Old

Sweet Emma Joy, 

Oh, my heart. It's been a whole year since you joined our world. I can't believe it. These past few weeks, I've hardly been able to look at you without tears welling up in my eyes. Tears of joy as I watch you play or tears as I soak in the sleepy moments you rest your head on my chest. Sad tears that fall when I think about how quickly this year has gone by. Tears which I can only describe as my intense love for you just pouring out of me. 

I love to remember the day you were born. I can't wait to tell you all about it someday. I'll tell you how you were born 4 days after your due date and I was so incredibly anxious to meet you! I'll tell you about how you were facing the wrong way and were stuck, which meant you and I were working really hard for a long while to get you out into the world. I'll tell you how I pushed with all my might for more than 2 hours and how your daddy is one of the reasons I was able to do it. He was an incredible coach but seeing his reaction when he finally saw your head, it kept me going. I'm sure I will cry when I tell about this because I have never been prouder to be his wife than I was in that moment. I'll also tell you about how he fainted wayyyy before that when I got the epidural. It's such a sweet and funny story. I love reminiscing on those hours leading up to your arrival and the ones immediately after. You changed for the better in an instant and it's been joy after joy with you ever since.

Your photo this month sums you up pretty perfectly. You have a silly, fun-loving personality and you are so flexible, content and easygoing. I'm so glad we got these monthly photos of you. Some months were easier than others and it wasn't always easy to get you to cooperate, especially once you were on the move! You were a trooper every time though and I'm so glad I was able to capture each month and see how you've grown in such a special way. 

At your 1 year doctor appointment, you weighed in at 17 lbs, 11 oz and you're 29.5" tall...still a skinny girl but healthy as can be! 

I sure miss your newborn stage...holding you in my arms for hours as you slept, your sleepy stretches when you'd wake up, watching you take in your new world and get to know us, but this stage is so much fun with you! It seems like every day you discover something new and your personality is really coming out. You show daddy and I so much affection now and we have so much fun playing with you.

Speaking of daddy, you can't get enough of him. When he walks through the door every day, you can't get to him fast enough. When my phone rings during the day, since it's usually him, you get so incredibly excited and crawl over to me no matter what you're doing. It's so, so sweet.

In this last month, you've started saying 'dada' and 'mama.' You've also started doing this scrunched face, cheesy smile every now and then and we can't get enough of it! You love blueberries and you still love anything for dinner that involves chicken. You still don't like eggs but aren't too picky otherwise. 

You've been standing up on your own for a few weeks now and you're close to taking your first step! You still love climbing all over Abby (and she is so patient with you!), emptying out the kitchen cabinets and you love music now. You dance a lot now and it's the cutest thing ever. Your laugh is the sweetest and most infectious sound and you playing with mommy and daddy on our new bed.

Daddy and I just love being your parents. We have so much fun with you and we've loved watching you grow and seeing your joyful personality come out over the past year. I still can't resist kissing you nonstop and I try to soak up every sweet moment of you. Being your momma is the absolute best thing I've ever gotten to do in life and I can't believe it's already been a whole year!

Happy first birthday, Emma Joy! You are so incredibly loved and we are so blessed to be your parents.