Monday, July 10, 2017

Emma Joy: 11 Months Old

Sweet Emma, 

I keep thinking back to this time last year - how pregnant I was, how much we talked about what life would be like with you in it, how anxious I was to meet you. Now here we are just a month from your first birthday and I just can't believe it. 

This was a fun month! We celebrated daddy's birthday and your gift to him was your first piece of artwork. I stuck your hands in puddles of bright colors, set you in front of some paper and let you do your thing. You were a little unsure about the paint situation, but with a few smears across the paper, we created a happy and colorful gift for your sweet daddy. I'm pretty certain it's his favorite birthday gift ever and it's already hanging in a frame in our entryway. 

We also celebrated Father's Day and took a day trip to St. Augustine. We took you around to some of our favorite spots and had the most fun wandering around with you in tow. Mommy and daddy have been several times before and it was such a joy to be back as a family. 

You are becoming just a little bit mischievous at home getting into anything and everything. You are always trying to get your hands on Abby's food and water bowls, sneaking into mommy and daddy's room, crawling through Taylor's gate to get into the bathroom and I've found you playing with the toilet water a few times already. You're keeping us on our toes and when we're not chasing after you, you love to play with us. You love getting daddy to chase you and let out the happiest squeal when he's about to get you. 

You're still eating really well and love trying new foods. You pretty much want anything mommy is eating and you love sharing my acai or smoothie bowls. Your favorite foods lately are blueberry waffles and grapes. A few weeks ago, after looking for a good show for you, I found Goldie & Bear and I play that for you a lot while you're playing in the living room. You don't exactly sit through and watch each episode, but you loooove the theme song and you get so excited when it comes on. When you're in a fussy mood or super sleepy, you still rest your head on my chest when I sing to you. It never gets old. 

You are still in size 2 diapers and hanging out just over 17 lbs, about 28" tall. You're wearing mostly 9-12 tops, onesies and leggings, but you are still in 0-3/3-6 month shorts! You have 6 teeth still but I already see another one starting to come through. You don't love getting your teeth brushed every morning and night, but you put up with it really well most days. 

You're still such an easygoing, happy, flexible baby and it's such a gift watching you evolve and grow. We love you so much, Emma Joy!  

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