Thursday, June 8, 2017

Emma Joy: 10 Months Old

Emma Joy, 

You're 10 months old and so full of fun and adventure! I really can't believe you are almost a year old. Everyone wants to talk about your first birthday but I'm kind of in denial that it's coming up so soon! 

This month, we celebrated my first Mother's Day by spending the day at the zoo. It was your first zoo visit and even though you weren't particularly interested in anything we saw, we had so much fun together as a family. These are the kinds of days that make your daddy and I feel like all our dreams have come true. 

Since you've started crawling, all you want to do is stand up and try to walk. You go after Abby's food bowl any chance you get and you've discovered the fun of unraveling the toilet paper roll in the bathroom. You love pulling all your books off the bookshelf in your room, stealing toys right out of Abby's mouth, music and playing in the water. We actually started giving you baths in the big bathtub a few weeks ago and you love all the space to splash and play!

This month we discovered you love hamburgers and corn on the cob. Really anything that's on my plate, you want in on it. You still love pancakes for breakfast and you love PB&Js for lunch. 

You know how to say 'no' now by waving your arm and shaking your head. You usually do this when I'm giving you food and when you realize I have something you want, you quickly change your mind! 

You weigh 17 lbs now and you're about 28" tall but what we really can't believe is that you have 6 teeth already! The two bottom teeth have been around for a few months now, but you have 4 teeth on top all ranging in size and it is so adorable we can't stand it. All these teeth have made you start to look so old! 

Every day you are discovering new things, finding new mischief to get into and letting your sweet and silly personality shine through more and more. Your daddy and I get so much joy out of every new development. Happy 10 months, sweet girl! You are so incredibly loved!

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