Monday, April 10, 2017

Emma Joy: 8 Months Old

Emma Joy,

Happy 8 months baby girl! You are so close to crawling. You are scooting backwards, rocking on your hands and knees and rolling from belly to back constantly! So much that we know any day now, you'll be off and crawling. Taking your pictures every month gets more challenging and fun because you can't be bothered with sitting still. When I had you on the floor of your bedroom for these pictures, I couldn't stop laughing because I would sit you down and before I had my camera up, you'd be on your belly trying to crawl toward me!

You've also become interested in feeding yourself this month. You always want to hold the spoon and feed yourself when mommy is giving you something and you're able to feed yourself the pouches I make you with a tiny bit of help.

Nana and Grampy took you to their house one weekend for a sleepover and you all had so much fun. You brought so much joy to them and daddy and I loved hearing about their time with you when they handed you over to us the next day. You also had a weekend with daddy all to yourself while I was away with my friends one weekend. I had a hard time leaving you for 3 whole days, but I'm so glad you and daddy got that special one-on-one time together.

You are absolutely giddy watching Abby play fetch. When you see her running up to us with a toy, you squeal and scream with your arms flailing. It's the sweetest thing! You love being tickled and bath time keeps getting more and more fun with you. Daddy has started "flying" you to bed every night like an airplane and you literally can't contain your excitement when you take off from your changing table every night. This is just another reason your daddy and I get so much joy out of your bedtime routine. No matter what kind of day we've all had, we feel overwhelming joy as we say goodnight to you every night.

You still really don't like getting your face wiped and especially lately, you don't like getting dressed very much. You mostly fuss when I'm trying to get you into a shirt and you get over it pretty quick. I think you're just all about moving lately and don't like to be stuck on your changing table for too long.

You're 16 lbs, 4 oz and 27 inches long. Last month when I measured you, you measured at 27 inches and I'm thinking I must not have taken the time to get an accurate number that day! Oops. You're mostly in 6 month/6-9 month clothes although the shorts you wore last weekend were size 0-3 month and they were still big on you! You're cheeks are still just the best. We can't resist kissing them nonstop!

We make lots of friends when we're out and about because you are so smiley and happy - people can't help but stop and say hi to you! I absolutely miss those first few weeks home with you when you were itty bitty and super snuggly, but every month has been more fun than the last as you grow and change so quickly. I love seeing your personality continue to shine through as you grow. It's such a joy and we thank God every day for you, sweet girl! We love you!