Thursday, October 6, 2016

Emma Joy: 2 Months Old

Emma Joy,

The last month with you has been so much fun! One day a few weeks ago, I had you on your changing table getting you dressed and out of nowhere, you gave me this big, bright, happy smile and you haven't stopped smiling at us since! With these smiles came the most adorable squeals of joy and daddy and I just can't get over the sweet sounds you make. You definitely recognize mommy and daddy and in the last few weeks, you've started to pay a lot more attention to Abby when she is around.

You still love your Wubbanub and you're now able to hold onto it with your tiny little fingers. Your hands are always busy these days and you're usually trying to stick them in your mouth or managing to wiggle them out of your swaddle during nap time. You've even started grabbing onto mommy's hair when I go to put you down, so that's been fun! You don't love tummy time but you're getting so good at holding your head up and when we put you down on your belly, you immediately start moving your little legs.

We moved you to your crib for nap time and even though you didn't love it the first few days, you got used to it pretty quickly and now you're napping in there on a pretty good schedule every day. You still sleep in your Rock n' Play next to our bed at night and even though you'd probably be okay in your crib by now, mommy is not quite ready for that yet. You are sleeping straight through the night, though, and have been for about a month now!

You're wearing size 1 diapers now and while you're mostly wearing 0-3 months clothes, some of your newborn stuff still fits, believe it or not! You're still a skinny little girl with long, skinny legs (and toes!) At your 2 month appointment earlier this week, you weighed in at 10 lbs, 4.5 oz and measured 22 3/4" long. The doctor was so happy with your weight (again), that she says we can cut back even more on supplementing with formula. If we keep this up, at our next visit we may be able to cut out formula completely. We've come a long way since those first few weeks and I'm so happy to know you're getting what you need from your mommy.

Oh, that 2 month doctor appointment on Monday? That was a rough day for both of us, wasn't it? As you lay on the exam table smiling, wiggling and making the most joyful little noises, it broke my heart knowing the nurse was about to come in and turn your world upside down by giving you 4 shots! You were so happy and had no idea what was coming. The nurse stuck the first one in your little leg and I watched you turn red as your eyes filled up with tears and next thing I knew, we were both crying hysterically. I wasn't prepared for how sad it would make me to watch this and my heart was broken for you. We stuck around in the exam room for a while so mommy could calm you down and as you started to quiet down and rest your head on my shoulder, I thanked God for making me your mommy. There's no better feeling than knowing I can make your tears go away.

You really are such a happy little baby. You don't cry a whole lot and when you do, it's usually because you're ready for a nap or you're having trouble passing gas. In the mornings, you lay there making sweet little sounds and looking around until I pick you up and you're always so happy to see me. You are certainly living up to your name, Emma Joy. You bring us so much joy and we're having the most fun loving on you. Happy 2 months, sweet girl! Daddy an I love you endlessly!


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