Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Life Lately

Hello! I started writing this post last Thursday and have been planning to come back every day since then to finish it. Here I am almost a week later finally making my way back here to write again. I am trying to get some kind of structure built into our days and prioritizing my to do list so I can be as efficient as possible while Emma is napping throughout the day but some days are not going to go at all the way I hope they will and sometimes that means the things I want to do don't make the cut.

Getting into any kind of routine with a newborn is a lot to ask for, so I am trying to be patient and realistic in the meantime. We are making progress and over the last week or so, I feel like we are starting to get into the swing of things here.

I started meal planning again last week and even though I can't say we had a delicious dinner on the table every night, I did manage to ease back into cooking with two delicious crockpot meals and I have a few go-to manageable meals planned for this week so we're off to a good start. When we're not cooking, we end up eating out or eating terribly at home so I've been trying to stick to healthier, simple meals with a protein and some veggies to get us back on track.

Speaking of getting back on track, I promised myself this week would be the week I started working out again. It's only Wednesday, but it feels good to say I've exercised every day this week so far. I'm getting back into it with the 21 Day Fix workouts because I know I can find 30 minutes every day to knock out a workout and I can count on getting my butt kicked in a short time with these for now. I know I'm not at a place to start going to a gym again, so this is a great start for me. We have a treadmill at home so I'm thinking next week I will start Couch to 5K so I can ease back into running as well.

I haven't exercised regularly since I don't know, May, maybe? It's been rough and Monday I felt pretty discouraged trying to keep up but I need to start somewhere and I don't want to be in the same position 6 months from now so I need to push through this initial struggle to get myself where used to be.

In other news, I am a little late to the game, but I am finally starting to get into podcasts. I have already finished the first season of Serial and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to that one. It's been great to listen to while I nurse Emma throughout the day and now I'm itching for other podcasts to get hooked on. If you have any recommendations, please share!!

We've been letting Emma sleep through the night for about a week now and she's been pretty consistently sleeping from 9:30/10 PM to about 4/5 AM every night which is an incredible blessing. I don't want to get too comfortable because this could change any day, but I'm feeling well-rested and a little more like myself lately.

Now feels like a good time to share some random photos from the last few weeks.

We've been parents for about 5 weeks and it's been an incredible adventure so far. It's funny how quickly you fall into new routines, new patterns and responsibilities without thinking too much about it. How quickly you can't imagine life without this sweet child in it. How quickly you realize that this time is so precious and so, so fleeting. How incredibly full of love you feel for this child, your husband, your blessed life. How no matter how tired, emotional, hormonal, overwhelmed you feel, it's all so completely overshadowed by the joy. So much joy.


  1. Wow, she's a great sleeper! Charlotte's sleeping 6-7 hours straight at night, and I'm pretty happy about that! Having a routine feels impossible, but I've found any sort of schedule is more for us than her, and she can go against it anytime she decides she's hungry! It still has helped us with sleep a lot, though!

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