Sunday, February 21, 2016

Life Lately

Well, hello. I had really high hopes pregnancy would make me a better blogger with so much I want to share and document but seeing how I haven't been here since announcing Baby Snyder oh, 6 weeks ago, that isn't how it's going. I just haven't had it in me to actually take the time to do some writing. We've been keeping busy and time is just flying by! Since we're so close to the 20 week mark at this point, I'll just plan on sharing a mega-update at that point! I also plan to share the story of how we found out we were pregnant because I always enjoy reading posts like that from others, so stay tuned.

In the meantime though, life lately has been full of so much joy. We've had all sorts of fun, gotten good news and there have been so many moments I never want to forget.

+ We spent the first weekend of February in Boca Raton celebrating our friends' wedding and had such a good time. It was one of those weekend getaways you don't realize how much you needed until you are there. The wedding was perfect and so much fun and we got to spend the whole weekend with friends that we don't see as much as we'd like to.

+ Last week, my brother texted me a picture of a house and said "Hey neighbor." The house just happens to be 1.6 miles from us (I mapped it immediately) and he's moving there at the end of the month. I have been jumping for joy ever since. We haven't lived this close to each other since college and I am so grateful we'll have him and his sweet girlfriend so close to us now.

+ Waking up on Sunday mornings with Abby and Taylor cat sprawled across the foot of the bed. So many snuggles.

+ Speaking of Abby, she is growing like crazy. She's probably tripled her weight since we brought her  home in December and at 30ish pounds, she still only about halfway to her full weight. This growth hasn't stopped her from allowing us to pick her up like a human though and I don't think she'll ever stop acting like a tiny puppy. She is full of energy and her and Taylor cat play together all the time although it could just be Taylor trying to get away from her that we think is them playing. Who knows. She certainly has added some chaos and life to our very quiet, clean home which is only helping to prepare us for our little one who'll be making an appearance in just five months.

We did start puppy training class last week and while I'm sure she'll always be wildly playful, we are working on gaining a little control over the chaos. She's catching on quickly and I'll be really satisfied when she isn't jumping up all over our guests and doesn't take me for a walk when I'm trying to walk her. She is the goofiest and sweetest thing and we regularly tell each other how happy we are with the decision to bring her into our lives. She's also like the only thing I've been taking photos of lately so here you go :)

+ Last Saturday, we brought Abby to the Winter Park Farmers' market. The weather outside was absolutely gorgeous and it was the perfect way to kick off Valentine's weekend with some quality time together. As we wandered around Winter Park and stopped to make friends with other puppies and people, multiple people commented on my pregnancy and it totally took me by surprise. It was the first time any strangers had noticed my growing bump and it caught me completely off guard but made my oh so happy.

+ We ventured out last weekend to look at nursery furniture and ended up starting our baby registry. I wish I had taken pictures of this adventure because this is a day I never want to forget. I would imagine a lot of husband's aren't keen on the idea of spending their Saturday at Buy Buy Baby registering for burp cloths and trying to decide on crib sheets but Jonathan was such a joy to be with that day. I couldn't even get the words, "Oh, we need one of these..." before I would here the beep of the scanner before I even got a chance to tell him which one. You couldn't miss the absolute pride and excitement he is feeling as we selected items for our baby girl. I don't ever want to forget him calling me over to the crib mattresses with way too much excitement so the store employee could explain all the options to us. I don't ever want to forget him going through the rack of Dr. Seuss books deciding which ones our sweet girl just needs to have in her nursery. I don't ever want to forget him shouting out "the baby bonjourno!" (Baby Bjorn) when we made it to the baby carrier section. Whenever we've ever talked about babies, he makes sure to tell me we're getting a baby bonjourno and how he's going to carry our little one around using it. He knows I laugh every single time he calls it that and this time in the middle of Buy Buy Baby was no different. As a side note: I had other carriers in mind from the get-go and when he saw the price tag, he too decided we would go with another option. I'm sure he'll always call it a baby bonjourno though and that makes me giggle even now.

I was already on cloud 9 the whole day as it felt completely surreal to me to be choosing the things that would soothe, hold, carry our sweet baby girl but witnessing Jonathan's apparent joy and pride just put the whole day completely over the top for me. I can't even think of how overwhelmed and proud I will be seeing him as a daddy. I literally cry just thinking about it.

+ I made baked ziti for dinner on Valentine's Day but more importantly, I made my own spaghetti sauce for the very first time. I tell myself every time I go to make anything Italian for dinner that next time, I am going to attempt my own sauce but then every time, I get intimidated and/or lazy and buy a jar at the store. I figured Valentine's Day was a good day to tackle this goal and I did it! It could use a few tweaks next time but I was really happy with how it turned out!

The last few months have flown by and I really can't believe we're almost halfway through our pregnancy already! We have our next ultrasound on March 3 and since we haven't had one since January 13 -- I am literally counting down the days until we get to see our sweet girl again. After that, I'll share a full blown pregnancy update with you all. In the meantime, we're tackling little projects around the house and soaking in all the joy of this special time in our lives.