Monday, May 11, 2015

Life Lately

Well, hello and happy Monday! My goodness. We've been living quite the life lately. The month of May brings what feels like nonstop celebrations and with life just being a little busy in general, I am overwhelmed (in a really good way) with all the fun we've been having. Although, I do have to admit I am really looking forward to spending time in my own kitchen tonight cooking a nice meal. 

Where do I start? Let's see. 

We didn't have anything planned for Cinco de Mayo but made some last minute plans to meet my in-laws for a few drinks and dinner. We kept it simple and I'm pretty sure we were home by 10, but nonetheless, I'm glad we got out and did something fun! 

Last week, Jonathan's younger sister was in town for a few days so after a family dinner at my in-laws on Wednesday night, Jonathan and I met Nicole at Stonewood Grill Thursday night and she treated us to an amaaaazing meal as an early birthday gift for each of us.

I didn't get any pictures that night but I am stealing this photo from Nicole because we had chocolate bread pudding for dessert and it was life changing. 

Friday I met up with my friend (and new mommy!) Lindsay and her adorable baby boy for lunch. It is hot as can be in Orlando already but it was an awesome day to enjoy lunch and girl talk in the sunshine. I obviously soaked in every minute of baby time. Isn't this kid so cute?

Friday night we had big plans to celebrate my brother's 30th birthday. Our family met up at one of my favorite sushi places, Amura in Dr. Phillips and enjoyed a perfect dinner inclusive of a round of saki bombs for the table. Believe it or not, this was my first saki bomb and actually, a few of us hadn't had one before. It was pretty impressive to see that both my parents even joined in.

Props to my sista for getting a halfway decent photo of our group at dinner. This is no easy feat but this picture makes my heart smile big. 

What day am I on? Oh yes. Saturday. 
I made last minute plans to meet my BFF for lunch in Mount Dora on Saturday. After an awesome morning workout, I soaked up every second of the beautiful drive to Mount Dora to meet Taryn at the cutest little cafe. It's not always easy for us to coordinate a meet up when she is in town, but when we are able to, I'm so very glad we did. 

After a quick lunch with Taryn, I rushed back to our side of town to pick up a few picnic essentials before my in-laws picked me up for what ended up being an awesome afternoon. I guess every year the Orlando Philarmonic plays and a band covers songs from a specific group. This year, it was all Eagles songs. The Springs, a development in Longwood, FL hosts the event and you're able to bring your own food/drinks and set up wherever you want for the show. It was seriously an awesome time.

On Sunday, I drove up to spend the day with my momma. I spent weeks brainstorming what to buy her for Mother's Day when I realized we'd both be pretty happy girls to just get to spend the day together. We don't have mother/daughter days nearly as much as we used to and there's no better time than mother's day to do just that! I treated each of us to a deluxe pedicure and we did a little shopping. I can't say enough about how thankful I am to have such a close friendship with my momma. It was an awesome day!

Thankfully, I was able to rearrange my schedule this week and take today and tomorrow off of work. I needed a day to regain control of our home life after such a busy and fun few days and it felt pretty darn good.

I'm turning 29 tomorrow so this week is shaping up to full of celebrations and joy, too! Hope your weekend was a happy one!