Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Good morning, friends! I'm celebrating my 29th birthday today and it's already been quite a day so far. 

I have the day off work which is a nice treat and I woke up to the sweetest surprise from Jonathan. He obviously had to work today, but he planned a whole day for me and left me the most adorable note and itinerary for the day including cash and specific instructions for each part of the day. 

My man sure knows how to make me feel loved. I laughed and I cried happy tears reading his sweet note and I love how thoughtful this is! Surprises are my love language and I am in all my glory today. 

I'm at my first stop now enjoying a cup of coffee and doing some reading and writing at Starbucks. This is my happy place for sure.


Jonathan coordinated lunch plans for me and my sister so that is next up on my itinerary! It's such a treat because I rarely see her during the week, nevermind for an unexpected lunch date! 

After lunch I have a massage appointment booked for 3:00 and I have a hot dinner date at home where it looks like my man has quite the meal planned for me. What a day! 

To say I'm feeling the love today would be a huge understatement. I'm so thankful for this life and the people God has put in my path. I could stress about getting older and all that nonsense...or I could praise Him for giving me these 29 years and more to come. I choose praise. 

Hope you all have a happy Tuesday!