Thursday, March 19, 2015

Somebunny Loves You {Easter Printable}

My design skills are improving at a pretty slow pace, but I'm celebrating today because I'm sharing the cutest little Easter printable with all of you!

I mentioned earlier this week that we're hosting Easter brunch at our house again this year and I cannot wait! I'm extra enthusiastic this year (if that's possible) because we are going to have all our nieces and nephews here this year which is going to mean a total of 6 little ones running around our house. This means we'll be setting up quite the Easter egg hunt and I'll be putting together the cutest little Easter baskets for them, too. I'm not a huge fan of peeps, but I couldn't resist including them in the goodies for the kids on Easter. I even designed this cute printable to go with them.

I still need to go shopping for the rest of the goodies that will go in the baskets, but I just know these guys are going to make a perfect addition. To download for yourself, click here!

I used these Wilton 3 in. treat bags and even though it's a little tricky to get the peeps in there, it's totally worth the effort because how cute are these?

Tell me, what are your must have Easter treats? I may not looove peeps, but I can name quite a few other favorites including Cadbury mini eggs. Those things are dangerous for me to have around the house but it isn't Easter without treating myself to a few!


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