Friday, May 2, 2014

A Few Things

I've been slacking lately with this blog. It's the usual reasons...I have so many ideas but don't do a good job of developing those in time to post. I've also really wanted to write, but haven't been able to get my thoughts out clearly. Either way, here I am today ready to chat.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I"ve been trying to cut out or on not-so-good days, at least cut down on carbs. It's been going well, although I did fall off the wagon on purpose to enjoy our Easter Sunday brunch spread. I may have also snaked on Cadbury Mini Eggs for a few days after that. BUT I've been back on track this week and I feel like I've gained control again. I've even started looking for paleo recipes because I know those are safe and I've found some really great meals I'm excited to try. I even successfully attempted (and succeeded) to make spaghetti squash for the first time this week. I can't believe I've been missing out on this gem for so long because it was delicious. I served it with these Paleo Turkey Pesto Meatballs which were so freaking delicious. I will absolutely be making this meal again soon.

Anyway, Happy Friday!

A Few Words of Wisdom on My Mind

A Few Paleo Recipes I Want to Try
A Few Things on my Mind
  • We just booked our room at a Bed & Breakfast in the middle of Historic St. Augustine for my birthday weekend next week and I am literally counting down! Neither one of us has stayed at a B&B before and we could really use a weekend to get away and spend some uninterrupted time together, just the two of us. 
  • I'm having the hardest time getting back the motivation to work out. For a while, I wasn't being consistent, but at least I was doing something but lately, I haven't had the motivation for even that much. I know the key to success for me is early morning workouts, but I'm struggling to get those started again.
  • The month of April was super busy for us with back-to-back out of town weddings, hosting Easter, family visiting and plenty of other activities keeping us on the go. It was all so wonderful and I try to embrace the chaos of our busy life, but I do have to admit I'm looking forward to May because we don't have near as many things going on this month.
  • We started watching Dexter on Netflix last weekend and we are hooked. I'm excited to have a new series to watch together but it's so addicting and we can't just watch one episode. I also recently got into Revenge and while I'm on my own with this show, it's equally addicting. Basically what I'm saying is that Netflix is both terrible and wonderful at the same time.
What's on your mind today?