Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Life Lately

I've been neglecting this blog of mine quite a bit lately and I'm trying to fix that. Truth is, with wedding planning and traveling for work recently, I just haven't found any free time where I've wanted to sit down and write a blog post. Since my life has been consumed with wedding stuff, I thought I'd link up for Wedding Wednesday (for the first time) and fill you in on what I've been up to lately.

I did travel to Philadelphia at the end of July for my annual work trip. The trip went well and we came home with a handful of new clients which was awesome. I didn't love being away from home for a whole week, but I did get to catch up with a very good friend of mine from college, so that was a huge bonus! We might have had one too many margaritas and I followed that up with going on a Duck Tour with my coworkers the next morning. This was a terrible decision. Hangovers and a bumpy tour bus that splashes into the water do not go well together.

In other news, we have crossed so many things off our wedding to do list and even though I find myself only stressing out more about all the things we still have left to do, I'm so happy to say we've crossed the following things off our list:

Created our Registry

We decided to register at Crate & Barrel and Bed, Bath & Beyond and wanted to try and get both done on Saturday. I was a little worried Jonathan would check out after the first store (I even joked about bringing bacon in my purse to cheer him up), but he was so wonderful. We had such a blast choosing the items we'd like for our home. I'll try to share some of our favorite registry items in a separate post if I get a chance. It was an awesome day!

Booked Honeymoon

I couldn't wait to book our honeymoon knowing that having this amazing trip to look forward to would help us cope with the stress of wedding planning and busy schedules over the next few months. After looking at all-inclusive options in Jamaica, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, we decided on Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana. I'm so excited. This is going to be the perfect place to celebrate our honeymoon and I know it will be absolutely unforgettable.

Booked Wedding Night Hotel

I booked our wedding night hotel this week and will be calling to block rooms at this hotel and one other for guests before the week is over. It's small details like this I want to get out of the way now so I don't have to deal with it closer to the wedding.

Scheduled Engagement Session

We scheduled our engagement photo shoot for September 14, but we haven't decided on an exact location and haven't even started thinking about what we'll wear. Any tips, advice, ideas on this are so welcome!

There is still so much to do, but I am pretty impressed with us since we've accomplished all of this just in the last week. We also just realized our number of anticipated guests is way over the limit for our venue. This has me freaking out a bit, but I'm assuming a handful of people will be unable to make it for the wedding. As much as I'd love everyone we love to be there, here's hoping some of them won't bring dates, children, etc. The guest list might be the most stressful part so far.

There you have it. An update on my life. Work has been super busy since I returned from my trip and our free time and weekends have been full of wedding planning and trying to get some time together to just relax. We're heading to the beach this weekend with some friends, so I'm looking forward to some down time. We also have our first wedding prep course at the church on Sunday morning and I can't wait for that!

What's new with you?

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  1. I love the feeling of crossing things off the list. That makes me feel so accomplished! We still have so much to do for our wedding...ugh!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. I love to cross things off the list! I feel you on being so busy with other things that the blog takes a back seat. I've definitely been feeling that lately, too. Any time the blog feels like a chore I simply don't post! I hope you continue to link up with us because I would love to see how your plans progress...and I am especially curious about the registry items you're excited about because we need to do that soon, too! Thanks for linking up, especially with your busy schedule! :)

  3. oh man. wedding lists. yikes. but you sound like you have it all together! good luck :)

  4. I'm pretty sure we didn't actually book our wedding night room until a few weeks before the wedding! So props to you for getting it done so early!