Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Engagement Photo Inspiration

Happy Wednesday!

We have our engagement photo shoot in just a few weeks and I've been browsing Pinterest lately to find some inspiration. I want our photos to reflect our relationship and personalities, but I'm also trying to stay away from anything too cheesy. At the moment, our shoot is scheduled to take place in Downtown Orlando, although we don't have a specific location figured out yet. I'm not a huge fan of incorporating signs and props into our photos, although I do have Jonathan convinced to have a few balloon photos involved. We're planning on two outfits each, one dressy and one casual.

Here's what I'm loving so far:

I love this candid laughing shot
This one is so sweet
I love her outfit.
This twirling shot is so cute.
I love her dress and how natural this shot is.
I don't want to get too stuck on having certain shots in our shoot, but I love all of these. I'd rather our photographer give us some direction and us just be ourselves. I think we'll get some really natural, sweet shots if we don't have specific things in mind. I have been using photos like this to give me some ideas for our outfits and I think I have that part figured out at least.

Where did you have your engagement photos done? How did you make sure the photos reflected your personalities and relationship?

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  1. I 100% agree with you to not be too cheesy. I have a photographer friend that did ours for free, so she directed us how she wanted us to be. It was great though! And now we have some great pictures of the 2 of us that we wouldn't have otherwise.

    Just know that it might be awkward because the photographer will be directing you and snapping pictures. It was weird for us, but I love the ending results!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. We didn't do engagement photos. Although I would have loved to them at the university where we met. I thought it would have been awesome to take photos in the classroom where we first met, and out on the baseball field. But alas it never happened. Instead, I try to vicariously live through others, and can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. I love these inspiring photos! I'm also planning out engagement photos, too. We hope to do them in October with the changing leaves!

  4. I'm not a fan of the cheesy props, either, and I doubt my husband would be interested in pictures with props! We didn't get engagement photos, but about a year after we were married, we did a photo shoot around our property, and I love the pictures we got from it! We live in a yellow farm house, so we also grabbed a pitchfork and mocked "American Gothic" and just had fun posing together!