Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wardrobe Wishlist

It all started when I was browsing online for engagement photo outfit ideas. I had an image of my head of what I was looking for, but as I searched I couldn't help but fall in love with everything along the way. Have I found and purchased my outfit for our engagement photos? Yes.

But I'm left with quite the wishlist if the time ever comes when I have a few extra bucks to spend. Here are some of the pieces I'm lusting over at the moment:

This Anchor Print Top from Banana Republic
This necklace from Anthropologie
These Nine West Mary Jane pumps

Sequin-Trim Striped Tee from Banana Republic
This blazer from Banana Republic
This Henley Blouse from Ann Taylor LOFT
That Anthropologie necklace. I can't even handle it. Something about those colors all in one necklace makes me so happy. I'm also a sucker for basically anything from LOFT so that blouse has my name all over it.

Anyway, this is merely a wishlist for now but at least it gave me something to share with you aside from wedding planning and house selling business.

What's on your wishlist right now? Any stores you just can't stay away from?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Engagement Photo Inspiration

Happy Wednesday!

We have our engagement photo shoot in just a few weeks and I've been browsing Pinterest lately to find some inspiration. I want our photos to reflect our relationship and personalities, but I'm also trying to stay away from anything too cheesy. At the moment, our shoot is scheduled to take place in Downtown Orlando, although we don't have a specific location figured out yet. I'm not a huge fan of incorporating signs and props into our photos, although I do have Jonathan convinced to have a few balloon photos involved. We're planning on two outfits each, one dressy and one casual.

Here's what I'm loving so far:

I love this candid laughing shot
This one is so sweet
I love her outfit.
This twirling shot is so cute.
I love her dress and how natural this shot is.
I don't want to get too stuck on having certain shots in our shoot, but I love all of these. I'd rather our photographer give us some direction and us just be ourselves. I think we'll get some really natural, sweet shots if we don't have specific things in mind. I have been using photos like this to give me some ideas for our outfits and I think I have that part figured out at least.

Where did you have your engagement photos done? How did you make sure the photos reflected your personalities and relationship?

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

48 Hours

Well, I mentioned last week I was strongly considering putting my house up for sale. Just after I posted that, Jonathan and I decided that yes, we were in fact going to put my house on the market. This is how that story went:

Thursday around 5 p.m. my house was officially put on the market and Saturday around 5 p.m., just 48 hours later, I was sending a signed document to my realtor accepting an offer. 

I absolutely cannot believe this happened so quickly. I can't explain it, but when we decided we were going to put the house up for sale, I had this calm, overwhelming feeling that it was the right decision. Not only did I feel it was the right decision, but I knew it would happen quickly. I just felt it in my bones.

As of September 20, I'll be handing over the keys to my house and walking away with wonderful memories of my first home and absolute excitement at the thought of what comes next. What is next, you ask?

Well, Jonathan and I don't plan to live together until after the wedding and this doesn't change anything. I'll be staying at my parents' house for the few months in between. They live about an hour from my office which obviously isn't ideal, but it's so worth getting my house sold and saving money for a few months while I finish planning our wedding. Not to mention, when am I ever going to get this much quality time with my parents again? It's going to be a great few months living with them until the wedding and then I'll finally join Jonathan in our home in January. 

The last few days have been such a wonderful whirlwind and I'm so thankful. Knowing we won't be coming home from our honeymoon in January to deal with renting out, selling, moving out of my house has me feeling so relieved. Just a week ago I was freaking out a bit about what to do about my house and this week all I'm feeling is relief and excitement over how it all worked out. This whole thing has been another reminder that everything happens for a reason and God will always take care of us.

Now, I just need to direct this excitement and energy toward packing my house up. I've got a lot to do and not a whole lot of time to do it! I hope all is well in your world this week!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Breaking up with bread and other updates.

Hi everyone! I'm still feeling a little too distracted to get back to posting regularly, but I want to share a few updates on wedding planning and life in general.

To add to the stress of planning a wedding in six months, I've been wrapped up the last few days trying to figure out what we are going to do with my house. I bought my lovely townhouse almost 4 years ago and I don't regret it for one second. It has been the perfect first home for me and I've enjoyed my time there making it my own. With that being said, I am so looking forward to moving in with my new husband after our wedding in January. I planned to keep my roommates in my house to at least January and then figure out what we wanted to do with the house after that. Well, life is a funny little thing and things don't always go as planned. Things have changed recently and it's kicked my butt into high gear this week and we are making a decision this week instead. There is a good chance that by the end of this week, there will be a FOR SALE sign in front of my house and I'm feeling surprisingly optimistic about this possibility.

In other news, I recently decided it was time to break up with bread...more specifically, carbs. If you know me in real life, you know bread is my weakness. I can't turn down a dinner roll to save my life. Recently I realized I had been in celebration mode since our engagement on June 29. Cake? Sure, I'll have a piece. Ice cream? Why not? Drinks? Heck yeah.

This had to stop. I mean, our wedding is just a few short months away and I'd really like to feel my best on that day. It's been about two weeks and I've done pretty well at drastically cutting down my carb intake and increasing my exercise, protein, etc. I've lost about 5 pounds, which is pretty satisfying considering I don't have a specific goal other than to feel better, get toned and fit into my clothes a little more comfortably.

Most importantly, I feel great. I'm still treating myself to a yummy snack or dessert once on the weekend, but I feel more in control and better overall now that I've gotten my diet under control.

And because I can't let a Wedding Wednesday go by without an update...

I sat down one night last week after chatting with Jonathan on the phone and felt really inspired to write for some reason. I started writing and next thing I knew, my vows were finished. Yes, we decided pretty quickly that we wanted to write our own vows and I have been a little worried about how I would say everything I wanted to say without being too cheesy, too wordy, too serious, but I am so happy to have them done and I'm so happy with how they turned out. I'm sure I'll make a change here and there over the next few months, but I'm so happy I sat down to write that night! Now I just have to figure out how to say them at our ceremony without being an emotional mess.

We also attended our first marriage prep class at the church last weekend. We absolutely loved and I know it will be something we genuinely look forward to every Sunday for the next 12 weeks.

I've also made my decision on shoes, my veil and my wedding jewelry, so I'll be placing those orders in the next few weeks!

We also sent the agreement for our room block, so I was able to finalize our wedding website and share it with everyone. It's crazy to think of how overwhelmed I was when I went to The Knot to start our website and now all the information we needed on there is complete. I'm pretty psyched!

This weekend, my mom is coming to the appointment with the woman who'll be handling our flowers and I can't wait to start talking about bouquets and whatnot. Jonathan and I are also going to the jeweler to choose our rings on Sunday and I absolutely can't wait for that.

All is well, life is good, we are so blessed. That's all I have to say about that.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Life Lately

I've been neglecting this blog of mine quite a bit lately and I'm trying to fix that. Truth is, with wedding planning and traveling for work recently, I just haven't found any free time where I've wanted to sit down and write a blog post. Since my life has been consumed with wedding stuff, I thought I'd link up for Wedding Wednesday (for the first time) and fill you in on what I've been up to lately.

I did travel to Philadelphia at the end of July for my annual work trip. The trip went well and we came home with a handful of new clients which was awesome. I didn't love being away from home for a whole week, but I did get to catch up with a very good friend of mine from college, so that was a huge bonus! We might have had one too many margaritas and I followed that up with going on a Duck Tour with my coworkers the next morning. This was a terrible decision. Hangovers and a bumpy tour bus that splashes into the water do not go well together.

In other news, we have crossed so many things off our wedding to do list and even though I find myself only stressing out more about all the things we still have left to do, I'm so happy to say we've crossed the following things off our list:

Created our Registry

We decided to register at Crate & Barrel and Bed, Bath & Beyond and wanted to try and get both done on Saturday. I was a little worried Jonathan would check out after the first store (I even joked about bringing bacon in my purse to cheer him up), but he was so wonderful. We had such a blast choosing the items we'd like for our home. I'll try to share some of our favorite registry items in a separate post if I get a chance. It was an awesome day!

Booked Honeymoon

I couldn't wait to book our honeymoon knowing that having this amazing trip to look forward to would help us cope with the stress of wedding planning and busy schedules over the next few months. After looking at all-inclusive options in Jamaica, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, we decided on Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana. I'm so excited. This is going to be the perfect place to celebrate our honeymoon and I know it will be absolutely unforgettable.

Booked Wedding Night Hotel

I booked our wedding night hotel this week and will be calling to block rooms at this hotel and one other for guests before the week is over. It's small details like this I want to get out of the way now so I don't have to deal with it closer to the wedding.

Scheduled Engagement Session

We scheduled our engagement photo shoot for September 14, but we haven't decided on an exact location and haven't even started thinking about what we'll wear. Any tips, advice, ideas on this are so welcome!

There is still so much to do, but I am pretty impressed with us since we've accomplished all of this just in the last week. We also just realized our number of anticipated guests is way over the limit for our venue. This has me freaking out a bit, but I'm assuming a handful of people will be unable to make it for the wedding. As much as I'd love everyone we love to be there, here's hoping some of them won't bring dates, children, etc. The guest list might be the most stressful part so far.

There you have it. An update on my life. Work has been super busy since I returned from my trip and our free time and weekends have been full of wedding planning and trying to get some time together to just relax. We're heading to the beach this weekend with some friends, so I'm looking forward to some down time. We also have our first wedding prep course at the church on Sunday morning and I can't wait for that!

What's new with you?

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