Thursday, March 21, 2013

Unanswered Questions & It's Okay

Happy Thursday!
I'm linking up again for It's Okay Thursday, but before I get to that, I thought it was necessary to share the questions I've been asking myself this week:

Why are Charleston Chews so much better frozen than they are unfrozen? And why did I just discover this?

How did I manage to sleep through 4 alarms the other day?

Why are girls so hard on each other sometimes?

Why does anyone spend money on movie theatre snacks? Why don’t you sneak drinks and snacks in your purse? Jonathan and I brought a water bottle full of red wine to the movies with us the other night. Classy, I know.
Why is it that some days you walk in your closet and hate absolutely everything in there?

What strategy is involved when trying to win concert tickets on the radio? Do people start calling way ahead of time or do they just get lucky and their call goes through at the right time?

How did I go from absolutely hating cats to waking up yesterday morning with a cat snuggled on the pillow right above my head and not minding it a bit? Must be love.

Why is the Tupperware cabinet so hard to keep organized?

Will I ever successfully do a fishtail or French braid on myself?

On that note, will I ever learn to do anything interesting to my hair?

Now, It's Okay (I'll keep this short)...

It's okay to live for the weekends.

It's okay to be perfectly content cuddling on the porch with your boyfriend and a glass of wine on a weeknight.

It's okay to overindulge on Cadbury mini eggs since they are only available for a short time.

On that note, it's okay to lie to yourself in the name of delicious chocolate candy.

That's all for now! What's okay with you today? Join the linkup!