Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shootin' guns n' drinkin' beers

As per usual, here goes my weekend recap on Tuesday...hope you all had a happy weekend!

We hit the road early Saturday morning headed to the Ocala National Forest to camp for the night. It was an adventure, that's for sure! I should probably tell you ahead of time that instead of reserving a designated campsite, we the boys decided to go off on our own and find our own spot to camp in the forest. After driving in the middle of nowhere for a while, we turned down a random dirt road to find a spot to camp.

About a mile and a half up the dirt road, we got stuck, really stuck. At this point, Jonathan's friend's truck had already gotten stuck and we were actually turning around to find a spot where the road wasn't so hard to drive through. The boys spent about 2 hours trying to dig Jonathan's back tire out of the sand.

Off to a great start!

After calling a few different towing companies, we finally found someone who was willing and able to drive the 45 minutes to tow us out. The tow truck driver asked us to meet him back at the main road since we couldn't give him a very good idea of where we were. Doing what any good girlfriend would do, I joined Jonathan for the 1+ mile walk to the main road so he wouldn't have to go alone.

I will tell you one thing...I definitely underestimated how far we had driven. It was hot. I had to pee. It was all a little unfortunate, but Jonathan and I held hands and chatted the whole way, stopping to take pictures and whatnot. It was nice to see that even when the situation isn't ideal, he can still enjoy himself and not let it ruin his day.

We sat by the side of the road long enough to snap a few pictures before I had to give in and pee in the woods. I knew I would have to do it sooner or later, so I ran into the woods while Jonathan waited for the tow truck. Of course, it's just my luck that mid-pee, he would start yelling at me telling me the tow truck was there!

$250 dollars and a few hours later, we were finally settled at our campsite and ready to relax! The best part of this is that everyone was still in such good spirits by the time we got settled. I know a lot of people in my life who would let an inconvenience like getting stuck ruin their fun. Not this group. Don't get me wrong, we were all so very glad to be done with that part of our adventure, but everyone was still psyched to be there and we were all able to laugh about it. I'm really glad Jonathan's friends are like this.

We spent the afternoon drinking, chatting, shooting guns and we even flew a kite. The kite...let me tell you about that. It must've been our 2nd or 3rd date that I mentioned to Jonathan that I've been wanting to fly a kite...I don't think I've brought it up since. It was the sweetest thing when we were setting up our campsite and he handed me a Barbie kite he bought for me. I don't know how I didn't notice it when we were packing up the truck, but he is always surprising me in a smallest and most thoughtful ways.

I think my man was pretty impressed with my shooting skills. The boys had set up a few targets (beer bottles and a few cans) in a tree and I shot both bottles!

Needless to say, we had a blast! I handled the outdoors pretty well, if I do say so myself. Jonathan even commented on this the next night saying "You didn't complain once!" Don't get me wrong, you can bet that as soon as we got back to his place, I hit the shower and we spent the afternoon/evening cuddled in his bed, only leaving long enough to go to his parents' for dinner. I had a blast roughing it for a night, but it was good to be home!

Tell me...

Do you enjoy camping? What's your ideal camping trip like?


  1. Looks like a great time! I'm not really much of a camping/outdoors kinda girl, but if I did go, I'd love to go with you! And a Barbie kite? How sweet!