Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why I Think We Should Stop Being so Hard on Taylor Swift

I am a Taylor Swift fan. This isn't news to any of you, I'm sure.

The big news this week is apparently that her and Harry Styles called it quits. Now, I don't know who Harry Styles is and I'm quite satisfied with that. It makes perfect sense considering I am not a tween and don't still have an unhealthy obsession with boy bands at my age.

We all know Taylor Swift uses her many, many short relationships as inspiration for her hit songs and she gets a lot of criticism for that. Everyone knows by now (especially after he whined to Rolling Stone about it) that "Dear John" was so obviously about her relationship with John Mayer and "Back to December" is apparently about Taylor Lautner.

People all over the Internet are commenting on how many men she's been with, how short her relationships are and of course, making jokes about new songs everytime she splits with someone. Don't get me wrong, as a huge Taylor Swift fan (I think if we knew each other in real life, we would be really good friends), even I can admit to the laughing at things like this:

And if I had to guess, even I'd say that T. Swift is probably a little clingy with a side of crazy, which could be why she has so many short, failed relationships.

But to everyone criticizing her, I do have a few things to say.
  • I have also had a series of short-lived romances. In many of these situations, like Taylor, I probably made too much of the relationship and turned it into a bigger deal than it was. I've fallen too quick, been more upset over someone than I should have been and been way overdramatic when it didn't work out.  
  •  I've used those relationships for inspiration. Instead of writing a song about them (trust me, you wouldn't want to hear my singing) I just happen to record my thoughts on this here blog. Like I'm sure writing songs helps Taylor, writing helps me sort out feelings of anger, confusion, sadness when a relationship doesn't work out. Because of this, a lot of my blog content ends up being guessed it, relationships.
  • I, too, have dated a lot. I have friends (and sisters!) who have met the love of their lives and didn't date much, if at all, on the journey to find that person. I'm so happy for them and you if you have experienced this. It's important to remember though, that not everyone finds their someone like this. For some, our search is a little more...extensive, to say the least. Do we deserve to be criticized for trying to find love? No ma'am. We just know that we aren't going to meet the love of our life if we sit at home and think about it. So we go on dates...lots of them. We have short romances that make us wonder why we were ever interested in that person. We might kiss more guys than than we ever wanted to during our search for the one. Don't judge us for this. We are just trying to find what we are looking for.
  • I sure can relate to a lot of Taylor's songs. I should add that I don't just relate to the ones about breakups. I can also relate to "Mean," which she wrote about a music executive who said she couldn't sing, "Everything has Changed," which is about the wonderful feelings we experience at the start of a new relationship and especially "Never Grow Up," which is about growing up and wishing you could go back to your childhood when things were simple. I'm sure if you listen to some of her music, you too would relate to many of her songs.
Basically, what I'm trying to say is this:

Taylor Swift and I are one in the same.

Just kidding.

I'm saying to give my girl Taylor a break. She's 23-years-old and writes about love, breakups and relationships. What do you expect her to sing about?

Tell me...

It seems everyone either loves or hates Taylor Swift. Where do you stand?