Thursday, January 24, 2013

What I'm Doing Right

I only made one New Year's resolution and I don't have a handwritten list of goals I want to accomplish and when I want to accomplish them by (although maybe I should).

I do, however, have things I know I want to improve on and I get really excited when I feel like I am headed in the right direction. I'm also not perfect and there are things I know I need to get better about like waking up earlier in the mornings and budgeting.

I could constantly stress about the things I want to do, fix, change, etc., but today I want to talk about the things I'm doing right these days. Yes, it might be less than a month into the year, but I'm celebrating these successes so far:

- Cooking. I feel like every year I tell myself I am going to start cooking more, but I never actually follow through. This has a lot to do with Jonathan, as we've been facing the kitchen together to make some really successful dinners, but I'm finally starting to cook more often. I love the quality time and fun of cooking with my man, but it's also helping me stick to a fairly healthy diet and helping me find recipes I can make on a regular basis on my own.

- Taking my vitamins and supplements. In the past, I have been absolutely terrible at taking my vitamins on a daily basis. I don't have the strongest immune system, so I really should be doing anything I can to keep my body healthy. Earlier this month, I stocked up on daily women's vitamins and B-12 supplements (after my doctor told me I had really low levels of this) and so far I've been great about taking both of these after breakfast each day.

- Staying in shape. Against all odds, I was able to keep up a somewhat regular workout routine during the holidays and whatnot. Normally, that's when I completely fall of the wagon and don't seem to make it back on after the holidays. Even though I've lost a little bit of my momentum, especially when it comes to my running, I've still kept it pretty regular and my weight is still down drastically from August when I started working out regularly again. Working out and staying active is still a priority and I'm especially glad that Jonathan and I are incorporating this stuff into our time together. I haven't ever really been with someone I worked out with, but it's nice to be able to get quality time together by going for a run or bike ride.

- Being less frantic. This was my one and only New Year's resolution and I can honestly say there hasn't been one time I've been frantic all month. I feel like a strange sense of peace has come over me. Don't get me wrong...I still have too many things I'd like to do each day and I still get overwhelmed (in a good way) and excited about little thing. I just dont let myself stress myself out and rush around frantically. I'm being more realistic about what I can do each day, how long it will take me to get ready to go somewhere and reminding myself that it's okay to slow down and do the best I can.

- Saying what I feel, want, need, think. This has a lot to with the fact that I am finally with the right person for me, but I have been able to say whatever is on my mind, to Jonathan especially, without fear of being rejected, shushed, ignored, etc. I can tell him that I miss him, that I'm worried, that my feelings are hurt, that I think he is the most amazing man and he doesn't panic. He doesn't shut me out or disregard my feelings, no matter how cheesy or unreasonable they might be. He actually wants to hear what is on my mind. The best part is that he is the same way with me. We communicate and because of that, there is a comfort and closeness between us that I have certainly never experienced. This might be why I feel so peaceful these days...I don't have thoughts floating around in my head that I am afraid to vocalize.

Getting a few good things like this in place can only motivate me to keep it up and work on improving other areas. 2013 has started off on such a bright and positive note and I can't wait to see what else is in store.

Have you ever had this strange feeling that everything in your life is settling perfectly into place? Like you were always happy and things were always good, but suddenly everything was beyond your imagination? It is such a wonderful feeling. I'm overwhelmed in the very best way.

Tell me...

What are you doing right so far this year? How are your resolutions coming along?