Thursday, January 31, 2013


"Thank God for all I missed, 'cause it led me here to this."

That's a line from a Darius Rucker song called, "This" that I love. It's basically about being glad for the opportunities you missed, relationships that didn't work out, things that didn't go your way, because it led you to something led you to this. Well, I can certainly relate and I'm thanking God every day for the ups and downs that led me to this....

You ladies have heard it all here. I've fought hard to keep disappointing men in my life, I've gotten my heart broken, I've completely wasted my time and energy on the wrong people, I've made some bad choices. Throughout all of this, I knew deep down that I would find someone. Not just any someone...but someone that would be the right one for me...someone that would show me why it didn't work out with anyone else. I knew that someone would make me let go of any frustration, disappointment or self-criticism I felt over the journey I took to find him. Well, I did find him and it really is true...the road I took to get here is of no concern to me. It was all worth it because if I had done something different, what if I hadn't been downtown acting silly on a random Saturday in December to spot this wonderful man sitting at the bar? I wouldn't have met him and I sure wouldn't be falling head over heels right now for someone I am quite positive is the perfect person for me.

What I'm really trying to get at here is that I am falling for that handsome guy up there. The best part of this? He is falling, too. We are in this together...we're on the same page...we're two peas in a pod...okay, you probably get it by now. I'm well aware of how early it is in our relationship to feel this way, but I am more confident in my feelings knowing we are on the same page.

I always knew I would meet him eventually. I'm so glad I found this. So very glad.


  1. have been reading your blog through many of those things that led you here...happy that you have found someone so great!!

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