Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Okay Thursday: Wedding Edition

I participated in one link-up a few weeks ago and now I'm link-up crazy. Not really, but I figured this might be a good way to share some highlights from last weekend's wedding festivities without boring you all with unecessary details. Onward...

It's okay to use more than one penis straw during bachelorette party festivities. It's better to be the girl with the 4 penis straws in her drink than the girl who won't even use one. It's all okay.

It's okay to discover a stripper pole at the bar during said bachelorette party and twirl around on it. You're obviously not a stripper, so this is totally okay and all in good fun, proven even more true when you fall off that stripper pole. 

It's okay to get ready in the bridal suite with the bridal party if the bride says it's okay and your best friend is with you. It's okay if people are going to see the professional photos and be like "Who is 'that girl' getting ready with the bridesmaids?"
It's okay that the best man (your best girl friend and wedding date's brother) calls you both out for being in a lesbian relationship and asks you both to stand up during his best man speech. It's totally okay. Just go with it.
It's okay to shower your best friend with confetti when the clock strikes midnight on her birthday. Maybe you will track it all over the hotel you are staying in and find confetti in your hair 3 days later, but just look at the pure joy on her face. Totally okay...totally worth it. 

Well there you have it. It's Okay Thursday and a recap of the wedding without getting into boring details. I just love weddings...the dressing up, the family and friends that are like family, the dancing and the booze.


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