Thursday, September 13, 2012

Still a Pinterest Addict & Wonderful Words

It's no secret I still have an unhealthy addiction to Pinterest. If you haven't fallen victim to the magical and life-changing time suck that is Pinterest, I respect you immensely and also feel really bad for you. I might go a few weeks without going to the site, then one visit gets me completely addicted again. I could spend hours on there planning my wedding that doesn't exist, decorating my house with items I can't afford and wishing every outfit I pinned could magically appear in my closet. It's the best and worst thing that's ever happened to me.

As a lover of writing, words, reading and quotations, I could spend hours perusing the quotes on Pinterest alone. I love the feeling of finding a really great quote or poem and when I find one that really speaks to my life, it's like hitting the jackpot.

Where was I going with this?
Oh, right. I wanted to share some of my favorite recent inspirational words and poetry finds. After all, I hope it isn't just me who feels like this week has d...r...a..g...g...e...d on, so I'm sure we could all use some inspiration.

I love her, but this quote really struck me. People are always going to criticize you, but as a female I feel like we get especially criticized for being true to ourselves and our feelings. I know I've experienced a lot of this and her message to not let anyone or anything take those things away from us is so important.

I loved this and we all need reminding sometimes that we are perfectly fine the way we are. I especially loved the "Sometimes I make a lot of mistakes" line.
Couldn't find a source, but here it is on Pinterest.
First of all, if you haven't seen the movie "We Bought a Zoo," you absolutely have to watch it. I can't remember ever seeing a movie that made me feel as inspired and overjoyed as this one did. I cried a lot; some were sad tears, but then most were happy and joyful tears. This is my favorite quote from the movie.
Such romantic, yet simple words. I really look forward to feeling this way again someday.

The importance of keeping things in makes such a big difference when we are going through a difficult time in life.

I've seen a lot of his poetry and quotes on Pinterest lately and I loved everything I've found. I found this poem to be so sweet and honest.
Tell me...
Are you still addicted to Pinterest or are you over it? What do you find yourself pinning the most?