Thursday, August 30, 2012

Strippers & Shenanigans

Talk about switching gears! Today's post isn't about random acts of kindness, unless you count "making it rain" on a stripper a random act of kindness. Before a new weekend with new adventures to be had begins, I want to tell you about the hilarious and wild night I had last weekend.
This quote really sums it up, but I'll fill you in on the details because they are that random.

I made plans to go out with my roommate, Natasha on Saturday night and after going downtown the night before with my sisters, I wasn't sure what I was in the mood for. We've only been out a few times together since she moved in a few months ago, but we've had a blast everytime. We decided to start the night off with a few drinks at Bar Louie then decide if we wanted to head downtown or what. This is how the rest of the night went:

We walk into the bar and I spot two guys I know from high school and two of their friends.
The guys immediately ordered us drinks and we all moved to a bigger table.
Natasha and I discuss 1. how much fun this is and 2. that we both agree one of the guys is really cute.
Natasha hits on a completely random guy sitting at the bar by filling out a Paper PickUp,
folding it into a paper airplane then throwing it at him. That's when I think it really hit me: I love this girl.
He obviously comes over and minutes later she needs my help getting rid of him.
After a few drinks, we all head over to a new bar down the street for more fun.
We find a really neat outdoor area of the bar to hang out. Because someone says this looked like a VIP area, suddenly we are coming up with celebrity look-a-likes for everyone. One of the guys becomes Rob Kardashian, another becomes
Kenny Chesney even though he really doesn't look a thing like him,
I become Carrie Underwood and Natasha becomes Taylor Swift.
A few drinks later, the guys gently break it to us that their plans were actually
to go to a strip club next.
I think they were afraid they would lose us for the night, but Natasha and I enthusiastically
announce that we've never been to one and we were totally down.
Next thing you know we're all in the car on our way.
Some ladies might walk into a strip club with a group of four guys and sit in the corner pouting.
Not us.
We get in, order drinks, Natasha starts buying the guys lapdances and I am asking Kenny Chesney to teach me how to go about putting money in the girls' panties and telling him "I want to make it rain!"
We were truly "just one of the guys" at the strip club and they loved it. It was so hilarious.

So basically, girls' night turned into quite an adventure and Natasha was all about it. I love having friends who are up for anything and just "go with it." Natasha is definitely this way. Our plans of having a girls' night went out the window and she hit it off with all the guys and loved every second. She doesn't get all wrapped up in what our "plan" is or get all weird about hanging out with people she doesn't know. I love it. She is spontaneous and fun and the next day we couldn't stop laughing about our wild night.


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