Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthday Thoughts for Scott

I feel like because you all followed along in my relationship with Scotty (The Umpire) from the beginning, I would share that today is his birthday. He would be turning 29 today.

I've come to think of his closest friends as friends of mine over the last several months and he is never far from my mind. I can't even begin to think of what a difficult day today (and most days are) for his family and others who were closest to him.

We were just getting to know each other on his birthday last year and I have such great memories of him from that time. You all know I didn't know him very long, but I hold our memories together very close to my heart, especially the ones where he wasn't ticking me off (okay, maybe even those ones).

I went to the cemetary yesterday to visit with him. This may come as a surprise because I am such a sunshine and rainbows kind of girl, but being at the cemetary, there is something very calming about sitting on his bench and having a chat with him.

I really try to keep myself from wallowing in sadness over him. I know he wouldn't want that and his friends have been such a good example of how to think of him and reminisce in a joyful way.

Visiting him yesterday morning during the middle of a thunderstorm, I wanted to keep that up. After sitting there under my umbrella for a few minutes, I tossed my umbrella to the side and danced around in the rain. I stood there twirling, smiling and laughing in the pouring rain. Did I look completely nuts? Probably. But from what Scott and most people know about me, I have to think he appreciated the birthday gift.

Would I prefer to bake him a strawberry cheesecake from scratch like I did last year? Absolutely. But knowing he was probably up there watching and laughing (and probably shaking his head in embarrassment for me) made me feel a little better.