Monday, March 12, 2012

What I Loved About the Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I sure did! Let me tell you why...
  • On Saturday night, I went to Cowboys for some beer and line dancing with my sisters. We started the night with 4 Rivers Smokehouse, a BBQ place right near my house that everyone is always raving about. It was amazing and we had a blast flirting with the employees and causing a scene. I hadn't been to Cowboys in a few months and my sister Kelsey had never been. It's always fun...but we really had a great time and even met a few guys which kept us really entertained. 
Happy girls :)
  • Kelsey stayed the rest of the weekend. She lived with  me when I bought my house but she moved to Ocala a little over a year ago. We used to go on all these fun adventures together so spending Sunday together was super fun. We spent the hungover and rainy day going to brunch, doing some shopping for my house and having a movie night. The day involved a ton of giggling and scoring some awesome stuff for my house. I miss that girl.
  • What did I buy for the house? This is super exciting...I have been shopping for wood floors to replace my living room carpet. It's a pretty small room and the carpet isn't in the best shape. I've been trying to find a good deal and didn't want to spend a lot, but hadn't had much luck in my search. Since I had a partner in crime, I got up the nerve to venture out to Lumber Liquidators, a flooring warehouse with really good prices. Judging by the fact that it is kind of in the ghetto, I was glad to have a sidekick...haha. Anyway, I found an awesome deal on the perfect wood floors. I'm installing them on Saturday and I absolutely cannot wait! It's nice to be making a change in my house that I've been wanting to do since I bought the place. Yay! 
  • It was also one of those weekends where I went out looking for nothing in particular, and scored some awesome deals on things for my house. I wasn't even looking for this, but found a Houdini Wine Opener at Ross for only $15 and I just had to buy it! 
I'll drink to this!

This is totally unrelated, but I had to share a picture of Blake with you all. He got neutered last Thursday and has to wear this cone until his follow up this Thursday. He looks pathetic, but way too cute!

My poor little buddy
Hope you all have a happy week!

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