Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Patty's Day & Manual Labor

I have to admit something. I just recently started embracing all the fun St. Patrick's Day has to offer. I can't remember ever going out to celebrate while I was in college and even right after I graduated. The "new" me I embraced a few years ago (which was why I started this blog) goes all out for it and I'm so glad. I have such fun stories from the past few years and this year did not disappoint. The best part? I went out with a really fun group which included my sisters, one of their boyfriends and my guy friend (My Sister's Ex and no, we are not dating).

We went to Pat O'Brian's, a bar at Universal's Citywalk and had an absolute blast! I have so much fun with my sisters and I'm so very thankful for being so close with them. I'm glad we can do things like this together. Such a fun group of people and a really fun night.

sistas <3
What else did I do this weekend? Something so very exciting that I can hardly contain it! I got hardwood floors in my living room/foyer! I have literally been wanting to do this since the day I bought the place (May 20, 2010)! I spent Friday night ripping up the carpet and prepping the floors with my dad and sister. Honestly, manual labor is not my thing, but I think did alright considering I was suffering from a major hangover after going to the bar with the boys the night before. We planned on finishing the next day and on his way, my dad called me telling me we didn't need to do very much because his flooring guy would be coming on Sunday to finish. Thank goodness! My poor dad tore his rotator cuff playing golf a few weeks ago and is in no shape to be doing this kind of stuff, especially when I'm not the most helpful assistant. By Sunday night, my downstairs had been completely transformed! I still have a few finishing touches to make before I put the room back together, but here is a picture of the floors! My excitement level about my happy little home is through the roof right now :)

Happy floors, happy home
In other news, who is excited about The Hunger Games movie coming out on Friday?!? I absolutely cannot wait to see it on Saturday with my sister and my mom. Do you have plans to see it this weekend? Also, this made me giggle...

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