Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Too Shall Pass

The last few weeks have been full of country concerts, cowboy boots, fun and the joys of having a puppy. I'm also going to Buffalo to visit my sister and her kids in a few weeks and I can't wait. I want to update you all on that, but first, I need to get some stuff off my chest:

I'm in a little bit of a weird place right now. I am still smiling and staying optimistic, but I don't feel like myself. I can't seem to clear my mind and just relax. If I'm being honest, I'm not over everything that happened with Gary. Don't get me wrong, I know I am better off without him in the long run and think he is a sad excuse for a man, but I am still trying to get over the whole thing. I'm still hurt. I have so much anger I can't let go of and I am still just sad. I feel out of sync with my girlfriends and stressed about work, money, etc.

I've been over thinking everything and I am just wearing myself out mentally and emotionally. I feel like I am not focused at work and sometimes I get really overwhelmed and sad when I am home at night. I can't seem to snap out of this funk I am in. Today I realized I have been so wrapped up with taking care of Blake whenever I am home, I haven't been doing a lot of the little things I know help me in times like this. Remember when I blogged about my stress relief strategies? I've hardly been doing any of these lately!

I know this is just a phase. I know that I'll be back to normal in no time and I know nothing is nearly as bad as it might feel right now. I still do have my always optimistic attitude and I'm keeping things in perspective. My life is amazing, despite the challenges I feel like I'm facing at the moment. Everything will be okay, but in the meantime, I am going to get back to my reliable stress relief tactics. Valentine's Day is coming up and no matter what my love life is like, I ALWAYS bake for Valentine's Day. So that's what I'll be doing Sunday. I'm starting to feel better just thinking about it.

I hope everyone is having a great week. Thanks for listening :)


  1. letting loose once in a while is never a bad thing, drink and party - as long as you are responsible, should be a breezy! :)