Monday, January 30, 2012

Date a Girl...

So several months ago, my momma stumbled across a blog post called Date A Girl Who Reads by Rosemarie Urquico. Knowing we share an intense love for books and writing, she shared it with me and I'm so glad she did. It immediately became one of the best posts I've ever read. As a reader, I related to the post but as a writer, I absolutely appreciate her writing skills. I've posted about this blog before, but if you haven't read it, I suggest you check it out.

Well...I loved the post and the "Date a girl..." theme so much that it inspired me to come up with my own version. Enjoy :)

Date a Girl...

Date a girl. Date a girl who dances. Date a girl who dances not because she is good at it, but because it makes her laugh and smile…because it relieves stress and makes her feel good. Find a girl who dances and dance with her whenever she wants. You might not like dancing, you might hate it. You might be in the middle of the street or getting ready for bed and she'll want you to dance with her, spin her, dip her. Do it. Her great big smile will make it all worth your while.

Date a girl who bakes. Find a girl who has so many recipes she wants to try that she can’t decide which to make first. When she is baking, she is happy and at peace. She loves giving her creations away more than she loves enjoying them for herself. You’ll know she cares when she bakes you Red Velvet Cupcakes on Valentine’s Day and makes your favorite cookies when you feel blue.

Find a girl who accepts you. You aren't perfect and neither is she. She knows this. You aren't going to be like her in every way and she appreciates that. She may not agree with everything you do and you'll hear about it. She may not like your favorite shirt or the way you snore at night. She will make sure you know this, but she will also make sure you know she loves you for all of these things. Your imperfections and differences make you who you are and she'll accept you. She'll love all of you and hopes you'll love all of her, too.

Date a girl who loves the little things in life. She’ll find joy in everything life brings. You don’t need to give her the world to make her happy. Things like rainbows, kisses on the forehead and picnics will do. You might laugh at her love of rainbows, but you’ve never met anyone like her before. She doesn’t need extravagant gifts, just to know you care. A simple card or love note will let her know you do. That’s all she wants. That’s all she needs.

Date a girl who cries. Instead of getting angry, she gets sad. When she is absolutely overjoyed, she'll cry happy tears. Her crying isn't a sign of weakness, it's a sign of strength and passion. You’ll laugh when she cries during Extreme Makeover: Home Edition or when she cries at the end of a good book. You’ll hold her when she cries after a bad day at work and be understanding when she cries for no good reason at all. You’ll love her for her passion, but you’ll never want to be the reason for her tears.

Date a girl who laughs. She’ll laugh at all your stupid jokes and even at her own. When life isn’t perfect and you think she might cry, she’ll find a reason to laugh and she’ll make you smile, too. You’ll be able to laugh at each other and cheer each other up when life is no fair. She’ll love making you laugh just as much as you would do anything to hear hers.

Find a girl who sees the world through optimistic eyes. You might roll your eyes when she quotes Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln to you, but her optimism is contagious. She’s the girl reminding you there is always a reason to smile. She is one of those reasons. Tell her that and don’t ever try to bring her down.

Date a girl who reads and writes. Date a girl who reads and writes and loves to tell you about it. She might be up all night, too enthralled in her book to put it down. She might spend hours at Starbucks on Saturday writing about her family, her thoughts and her favorite songs. She gets a rush out of finding a grammatical error in her book and gets so wrapped up in a story that she cries out in shock when something unexpected happens. These things will happen and she’ll want to tell you all about it. Let her tell you all about it…and really listen to her because she’ll love telling you.

Date a girl who speaks up. You’ll always know what’s on her mind, good or bad. She doesn’t play mind games and you don’t need to figure her out. If she feels something, she’ll say it. If she wants something, she’ll tell you. You’ll be able to talk with her for hours. You can debate with her, daydream with her and talk things out when you don’t see eye to eye. She’ll never keep her thoughts from you and her feelings, too. But if you find a girl like this, please realize she’ll expect the same from you.

Find a girl who loves you. Find a girl who gives you more than she gets. She’ll listen to your stories and appreciate your quirks. For all the things you love about her, she’ll love more things about you. She’ll be your biggest fan, your best friend, your one and only. For everything you are to her, she’ll be for you.

Date a girl like this. If you are lucky enough to find her, you’ll want to date her and love her. And when you do, please don’t ever let her go. Date a girl like this.

Date a girl like this. Date a girl like me.


  1. Great Job! I absolutely love this! :)