Monday, September 19, 2011

In Other News...

I feel like lately so many of my posts have been about boys and dating and that is just not okay. It’s true…there are other things going on in my life other than boys, but I guess things change in my dating life so quickly that I have to update you regularly or someone could be old news before I even get to tell you about him. Anyway, these are some of the other things going on…

I’m going through a baking phase and have been obsessed with trying new and exciting recipes lately. My most recent baking success: Snickerdoodle Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting. My sister was coming to visit me for the night and snickerdoodles have always been her favorite cookie.  I’m a pretty big fan myself and found this recipe while I was lost in the world of StumbleUpon one night. Snickerdoodles? Amazing. Cupcakes? Delightful. Both of those together: Absolute heaven.
Cupcake goodness :)
Kickball started again last week. I was a little concerned about how this season would go because a bunch of people from our team left and started a new one, not to mention the fact that I don’t always get along with our captain…coach…whatever you call him. I was worried about nothing because I had a blast as always, despite the fact that we lost both our games last week. This season will be great because:
  • I like our new team members a lot.
  • Kickball and beer are always a good combination.
  • With a team motto like, “Win or lose we booze” how could it not be fun? 
I spent this past weekend in Michigan and it was delightful. I went up there to surprise my cousin for her birthday, which was completely unplanned up until a week beforehand. I really wanted to make it up there to see my cousin and get away, but wasn’t really in a position for that to happen until the last minute. There is actually a whole back-story as to how I ended up going, but that involves a boy and requires a completely separate post. I will fill you in on that later. Anyway, I was there for less than 48 hours, but I had a blast. Why was the trip so awesome?
  • Surprising and getting to spend the weekend with my cousin was wonderful.
  • I hadn’t been to Michigan before so it was awesome to enjoy the cooler weather and get away for a few days.
  • I got to do fall activities like a corn maze and a bonfire, all while wearing my cowboy boots. I am so outdoorsy, I know.
  • I was able to get to know my cousin’s husband a little better (they got married in May). We’ve only met a few times, so I’ve never really gotten to know him much at all until this weekend.
  • The boy I mentioned above. I'll fill you in on that later this week.
my cousin and I :)
I’ve been totally on the ball with my workout routine and I feel really good. I got frustrated with myself a few weeks ago because I kept getting on these workout kicks and would quickly fall off the wagon. I decided that I needed to try something new and start out small. I knew I needed to get back into running if I wanted to keep my workouts interesting, but I knew I would lose interest quickly if I didn’t have a reasonable expectation for myself. So I came up with this philosophy to get me started:

“At least a mile a day keeps the double D’s away.”

This could be all in my head, but I’ve always felt that my boobs stayed a manageable size as long as I was running regularly. At one point I did have double D’s and I NEVER want to be that big again. You might think I am crazy for saying that, but you don’t know until you’ve been there. Double D’s are completely overwhelming and inconvenient. That of course, isn’t my only motivation for running. It’s a great workout and a great way to relieve stress. Have I been running every single day since then? Not necessarily, but I have been to the gym several times a week and refuse to let myself leave until I’ve run AT LEAST one mile. I know that isn’t super impressive and I will start to add to it, but for now it is a good way to keep me committed. Between the running and the leg and arm workouts I’ve been doing at the gym, I feel good about where I’m at right now.

I've also been brainstorming new titles for the little blog of mine and I think I've finally come up with one. My first blogoversary is coming up in October, so I'm thinking that'll be a good time to debut it! I feel like the blog has evolved a bit since I started it so even though I'm pretty attached to what I have, I think it's a good time for a change. Can't wait to share it with you!

Well that’s it for now. Now you know I do have other things going outside of my dating life and I love the simple things like kickball and cupcakes that make me happy. 


  1. kickball, corn mazes, cupcakes? loved this post! I'm adding all of those to my to-do list! and I love the mile a day to keep the double D's away motto!