Thursday, August 18, 2011

Your Message on a T-Shirt

So when I filled you in on my trip to California, I forgot to mention this. When we go to these conventions, we usually only see a few of the speeches since we are working at the booth most of the time. We always go to the opening session and the speaker at this session never fails to make me cry with how powerful their message is. This time was no different. The opening session speech was really great, but she talked about one thing that stuck with me. She asked if you could put your message on a t-shirt, what would it say? I immediately started asking that question around the office and to my coworkers on the trip with me and we all had something completely different to say. I have a lot of little phrases that I try to live by, but immediately I knew that if I could put my message on a t-shirt, it would read:

“Enthusiasm is Contagious.”

This is a phrase my very good friend Theresa introduced to me in college. She would always say that when we got discouraged working with others on a project or event. I’ve learned how true this statement is and it’s something I really try to live by. Enthusiasm really is contagious and I guarantee if you project enthusiasm, others will mirror it! Thank you Theresa for teaching me to think this way and I remind myself of this at least once a day.

So I’m turning it over to you guys…if you could put your message to the world on a t-shirt, what would it say?


  1. Fantastic post! You know what mine would say! I am so proud to have given you inspiration, as your friendship is constantly giving me inspiration.

    And yes... enthusiasm is contagious in every sense of those words! Enthusiastic people start revolutions ;)

  2. hmmm...this is a great idea! i love your message because it is SO true.
    i'm tryin to think of what my 'message' would be..
    maybe "don't worry" ( i can be a BIG worrier over things that never even happen!) or Pick your battles.