Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Talked to The Umpire and Can't Even Come Up With a Cute Title

I finally had the conversation with The Umpire last week and it went better than I expected, which actually made it harder. I basically told him I wasn’t happy and didn’t know what to do about it…that maybe we moved too fast and never just knew each other. We met and started dating and maybe we need to just take a step back and be in each other’s lives without being in a relationship for a while. I told him that while I am really indecisive about silly things, when it comes to life decisions and relationships, I always know exactly what I want and how I feel. The fact that I don’t know how I feel about us isn’t fair to him or me.

I don’t really know what I was expecting, but he was so completely sweet and understanding it kind of made me wonder what the hell I was doing. He made it clear that he genuinely cares about me and went out of his way to make sure I knew he didn’t hate me, that he could never hate me.

Since we talked, he has been great about keeping in touch, saying hi when he wants to and asking me to hang out and I couldn’t ask for a better scenario right now. Maybe a step back was all I needed and things may become a lot clearer now that we aren’t so enthralled in an exclusive relationship. Could we get back together eventually? Who knows. I’m not ruling it out. Anything could happen, you just have to remember that you are doing the right thing and that everything will work out. 

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