Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Confused & Going to California

I’m leaving for Anaheim, CA tomorrow and the timing couldn’t be better. I am confused. I need to get out of town. I need distance…not from anyone or anything in particular, just distance.

I am feeling a little confused about The Umpire. I don’t know if I just have unrealistic expectations of a relationship, but I find myself questioning my feelings. I know I like him, I know we have a great time together, but I can’t shake this doubtful feeling. I know a perfect relationship doesn’t exist…that everyone has struggles, doubts and bad days. It’s just hard to know whether to give it time to figure things out or if it just isn’t meant to be. While I don’t necessarily condone running away as a way to solve things, I think it will be good to get some distance. I am going away for work so I’ll be busy and maybe I’ll gain a new perspective by stepping away from things for a few days.

Needless to say, I’m overwhelmed by my thoughts and a little confused. I know things will sort themselves out, but dang, I am constantly amazed by how confusing relationships can be. Carrie Bradshaw said it best…

“Does anybody really know when it’s right? And how do you know – are there signs? Fireworks? Is it right when it feels comfortable or is comfortable a sign that there’s no fireworks? Is hesitation a sign that it’s not right, or is it just a sign that you’re not ready? In matters of love how do you know when it’s right?”

Anyway, on another note…I’m looking forward to my trip. I’ve never been to California and I’m excited to represent our company….hoping we bring back lots of clients and I know I’m going to have a great time with my coworkers, who I’m lucky enough to also call my friends.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Wish" Updates

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that this year is just flying by! I mean, is it just me or does time seem to go faster and faster as we get older? Sometimes, I just want to hit the pause button!

Anyway, you all might remember my 2011 Wish List I shared with you back in January. It’s been a while since I’ve checked in on some of my “wishes.” I’d like to remind you that even though most of these are completely in my control, I don’t like to refer to them as resolutions. “Wish” makes it sound so much more magical!

So here we go…

Fall in Love.
I am not in love. Am I close to being in love? I don’t know. I have actually never been more confused about love in my life, but I am learning and I’m more certain than ever that when it happens, it will be amazing.

Get back in shape and stay that way.
I was doing so well with this one until about March/April! Ironically, or not so ironically that is also when I was able to start drinking again. Following that was May, which was full of birthdays, celebrations and vacations, which was followed by that bitch of a kidney stone, Stella cramping my style for a few weeks. Don’t worry, I am well aware of how pathetic those excuses are. The good news is, I am back at it and I’m even starting to run again. I feel better already!

Take more weekend trips.
Success! Between my weekend trip to Jacksonville in March, my girls beach trip in May and my beautiful cousin’s wedding in Minnesota….I’ve had no problems keeping up with this one! Hoping to plan a trip to Savannah with the girls in the fall and who knows what else!

Find a new job that makes me happy.
Success! The best part about this one is that I didn’t even have to leave the company I worked for. I blogged about my promotion here and I’m so happy at my job now. Amazing!

To quote what I said in February when I last checked in on my wishes: “Absolutely no progress whatsoever. I need to get on this as soon as possible and at least set some goals to get me started.” I am a joke.

Cook more.
You may remember when I was bragging about how well I was doing with this one back in February. I even dedicated a post about the new crock pot I bought. I don’t even know where that thing is and can’t remember the last time I used my oven for anything other than baking. 

Go camping.
Everyone thinks I am joking, but I really want to go camping! Take me seriously, people!

Stay out of the hospital. This means no kidney stones or rare throat infections. Just be healthy.
You all know where this one stands. I did end up in the hospital but only for a couple of hours to get rid of Stella. I have had some health issues, all kidney stone related, but as of right now, it looks like that is a thing of the past!

So I haven’t made a ton of progress, but I have where it matters. Getting my promotion has been so huge for me this year and I still have a few months to get on the ball with the cooking thing because seriously, why is it so hard for me to get into it? If I could take my obsession with baking and direct that toward cooking actual food, it would be amazing and probably healthier!

If you have any tips or recipes for easing into cooking (other than locating my crock pot) I would love to hear them!

How are you all doing on your resolutions, goals, wishes…whatever you want to call them?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kate Voegele, Jewelry & 16 Innings

...that was my weekend in a nutshell, but let me elaborate…

On Friday night, Sarah and I went to House of Blues to see Kate Voegele and Natasha Bedingfield. The best party about this was that we got in free because Sarah knows a bunch of people that work there. We even got to stand in the VIP area and got some really cheap drinks to top it off. I’m not a huge fan of Natasha, but I like Kate’s music a lot and I’m not proud to say it, but I watch One Tree Hill. Kate was awesome to see…Natasha wasn’t so great. She must’ve been wasted which was pretty entertaining, but I wasn’t too impressed with her in general. Highlights of the night:

Getting to meet Kate Voegele and telling her she is the only good thing about One Tree Hill, which was probably highly offensive (I was a little drunk) but she was really nice…such a sweet girl!
Also became obsessed with one of Kate’s songs called “Impatient Girl” because I can relate to it so many ways….check it out!

Saturday I hosted a Lia Sophia jewelry party at my house. I’m not the type that would normally be interested in throwing one of these, but I went to one a few weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with the jewelry. Plus, Sarah and I co-hosted the party so it was easier to get people there. We had a blast and I loved having all of my favorite girls over my house. I’m psyched about the jewelry I’ll get for hosting the show, but it was a really fun girls night, too! I made my famous Red Velvet Cupcakes and tried a recipe for Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries that I found on StumbleUpon. Both came out absolutely amazing. I’ve made the cupcakes before and they are always good, but it was my first time trying the strawberries. They were a big hit and I’ll definitely be making them again! 
Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

My friend, Lindsay brought me these napkins. Obsessed.

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
Sunday night I went to the Red Sox vs. Rays game in Tampa. My dad got four free tickets, but wasn’t feeling well so I went with my brother, sister and my sister’s friend. I hadn’t been to a Sox game in a really long time, so I was psyched even though I knew I wouldn’t get back to Orlando until late and work wouldn’t be so fun on Monday morning. Well…the game didn’t get over until 2 a.m. Going into the 16th inning, neither team had scored ONE run! Needless to say, I didn’t get home until about 4 a.m. and had to be up at 7 for work. I am still struggling today, but I had an absolute blast at the game! The Red Sox were the team to finally score so I’m glad we won and I had a blast with my brother and sister!

My brother and I
My sista and I

Such a fun & busy weekend! Hope your weekend was happy!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Archived! #4

So I totally forgot to log on and cancel my eHarmony membership after my three month discounted period expired and got charged $30 the other day for another month of wonderful matches like the one below...

I have been matched with a lot worse than this one, but still thought he was definitely worthy of an “Archive!”

When answering what he is most passionate about, he answered, “To be filled in later – I am kinda in a bad mood right now.”

Dang, Debbie Downer!


I'm not actively looking to pursue any matches right now anyway, but it's good to know that my $30 is at least buying me another month of good blog content!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Exciting Stuff

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! 
I think by now you all know there isn’t a dull moment in the life of me, but that doesn’t stop me from getting super excited about stuff. Let me break it down for you…
  • I went back to the doctor yesterday for a follow up and to get my stent removed. I was so nervous too…worried that that darn thing wasn’t gone, but the doc said he was able to get rid of about 97% of it. I’m so glad this whole mess is almost behind me. I wouldn’t wish a kidney stone upon anybody, but I’m just glad to be rid of it! I’m even considering renaming my blog to celebrate.
  •  I’m going to Anaheim, CA at the end of the month! I’m actually going to promote our company at a convention, but I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve never been to California before and even though I’m going for work, we are definitely going to squeeze in some fun and it’ll be nice to get out of town for a few days.
  •  I just bought tickets to see Sugarland and Sara Bareilles in concert (yes, they are in concert together and it’s going to be amazing). I saw Sugarland a long time ago at Sea World, but I am psyched to see them again, not to mention I absolutely adore Sara Bareilles. The show isn’t until October, but it will be worth the wait!
  • Life. No matter what is going on that might be negative or stressful, I am always excited about my life. I spent some time last weekend at my parents’ house, which always leaves me feeling blessed beyond belief. I have a great guy in my life. I’m having a blast with him and I’m really excited to see where this goes. As usual, I’m obsessed with my friends. I feel like I have a great balance in my life and I’m loving every minute.
I hope you all have lots of exciting stuff going on, too. If you don’t feel like you do, make things exciting! Life is too short.