Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why I Loved This Week

It has been quite a week. Between surgery to finally get rid of my kidney stone, preparing for The Umpire’s birthday and work, there has been a lot going on. While I’ve been in a ton of pain and a little overwhelmed, there are ALWAYS positives to focus on, so here is why I loved this week:
  • You all might remember the kidney stone (which I named Stella) that kind of set my life into motion and inspired me to start this blog. Well I never really did get that taken care of, and with all the other health issues I had last year, I kinda just stopped worrying about it. Well, the pain came back in a big way a few weeks ago, so I went back to the doctor to get it taken care of for good. I had surgery on Tuesday, which basically consisted of the doctor using a laser to blast the stone into a ton of pieces. He also put a stent in to help drain my kidney and get rid of any excess stones. I get that removed in about 10 days. Overall, I am still in a ton of pain and really uncomfortable in general. I also have to pee like every 3 minutes, which isn’t convenient in the least bit. The upside and why I still loved this week: this will all be worth it because the stone will be gone and I will hopefully never have to go through this again!
  • I baked for the first time in a while, which always makes me happy. Today was The Umpire’s birthday. I didn’t want to go overboard and get him anything extravagant since we just started dating, plus I love any excuse to do some baking. After finding out that he loves cheesecake, I decided to try making a strawberry cheesecake. It came out great and I think he really liked it!
  • Speaking of The Umpire’s birthday, we went out last night to start celebrating and had a blast! We both had a long week and didn’t get to see each other much. I was busy working and recovering from surgery and he had a stressful week at work, so I couldn’t wait to get out and have some fun with him. We went to Cowboys, one of my favorite hangouts around here with my friend Sarah and a group of his guy friends. I got to wear my cowboy boots, line dance and we all had a great time. I always have such a fun time with The Umpire no matter what we’re doing…I love it!

So there you have it. Things could always be better and I’ve been a little bit of a hot mess lately, but it’s nice to look back at the simple things that made me a happy girl this week! 

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