Monday, April 25, 2011

Tucker Tale #3

A few weekends ago, I flew up to Buffalo, NY to see my older sister. She lives up there with her husband and two kids, and was dealing with the death of a close family friend. With her being the only sibling who doesn’t live near us anymore, we aren’t able to be there for her like we want to be. When my mom heard the news, she booked me a flight right away so I could go cheer my sister up. It was pretty last minute. Literally, we bought the tickets Thursday and I flew up there on Friday. That’s my family for you…doing anything it takes to be there for each other when necessary, no questions asked, no complaints.

Even though the circumstances were sad, I had an amazing weekend. I was able to babysit my niece and nephew (Alyssa is four-years-old and Aidan is 2-years-old), which is something I wish I could do all the time.  It was great to spend quality time with my sister. I think I really cheered her up and I’m so glad I was able to do that for her. On top of having the most amazing time with the kids, I was reminded once again how much I love and respect my older sister.

We were always really close when we were younger. Being two years apart, we always had a lot in common, especially as teenagers. It’s funny to think about how different our lives are right now. Sometimes I feel like I’m so focused on myself and so wrapped up in my hectic life. Between dating, my job, going out with friends and trying to stay in shape, I stay so busy and get so wrapped up in my own stuff. My sister is busy in such a different way, working full-time, taking care of two kids and her husband and going to school. She gets her patience from my mother, one trait I definitely didn’t inherit. Watching my sister with her kids, as always, I was in awe of how great she is with them and how calm and content she is, despite the stresses that kids, jobs and school can bring.

Even though we are in completely different places in our lives, we still have such a great relationship. I am lucky enough to have a really good friend in her and an amazing role model.