Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kicking Ass & Taking Names

Okay, I’m not kicking ass, but I am kicking a kickball! A few weeks ago I joined a co-ed kickball league. This is hilarious for several reasons:
  • I have no athletic ability and haven’t played kickball since the fourth grade.
  • When I did play kickball in the fourth grade, I dreaded having to step up to the plate. Between my creepy shyness and lack of athletic ability, it was a bad combination.
  • I kind of signed my friend, Sarah and I up for the league without telling her. She got a call asking for her dues and wasn’t very happy with me.
I had actually planned on joining this league when the last season started back in December. It was part of my ‘Why Not Me Philosophy,” basically my decision to do things I would have never imagined doing a few years ago, things that normally scared me or intimidated me. I didn’t get to join because of my health issues, so I jumped at the opportunity to get in on the action this season! I thought it would be a fun way to meet new people, be more active and basically knew it would be absolutely hilarious. Our first practice was last weekend and I discovered the following:
  • I am actually not bad at kicking, but playing outfield and running the bases…not so much.
  • I need to figure out a better practice outfit. I was very concerned about the tan lines I was getting, which resulted in my bad outfield abilities.
  • Even for someone in decent shape, playing kickball for an hour makes your thighs really sore. Seriously, I am still in pain today.
Anyway, our first game is tomorrow night. I’m really excited because:
  • I bought a really cute pair of yoga shorts from Old Navy. They are not my normal workout attire, as they are super short and pretty tight. I decided they’d be a perfect way to distract the opposing team and who knows, maybe there will be some cute guys there.
  • Our team is meeting for drinks beforehand. Just when I thought the idea of me playing kickball couldn’t be funnier, I will also be tipsy. Maybe that will actually improve my skills…we shall see!

That’s all I have for today (I also don't know why I'm obsessed with bullet points tonight). Go team!


  1. That sounds like A LOT of fun!! My work is thinking about starting up a softball team, so I would definitely be getting in on that action! I'm also ridiculously shy and am trying to get over that by doing things I know will put me outside of my comfort zone! :)