Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back on the….Horse?

And by horse, I obviously mean eHarmony.

I know. I can’t believe this is happening. I mean, how many failed relationships does a girl have to go through to learn that online dating just isn’t for her?

To be honest, at this point I’m surprised eHarmony didn’t respond to my signing up with an e-mail to this effect:

“We honestly don’t have anyone left to match you with. You have exhausted our database of men and you are now ruining our success ratio. Maybe online dating just isn’t for you.”

I don’t know what possessed me to do this, but the other day I logged onto eHarmony, finding out that I could get a three-month membership for SUPER cheap. I mean, I am a loyal customer at this point, so I should have some kind of perks. Before I could talk it out with anyone or even think about it myself, I was a member again.  I don’t know what I was thinking, other than the fact that I was disappointed, feeling rejected and knew that even if I don’t meet my future husband on there, being on eHarmony is a good distraction from my current situation and I guess you just never know what could happen. Anyway, if you read this post from back in December, Finding Harmony, I apologize for lying to you. So yeah, if anything, you can probably expect more entertaining date stories.


  1. I'm sorry things didn't work out with y'all, but ya never know what could happen this time around! You'll have to keep us updated on the ways of the Harmony. Sometimes I feel like if my ex and I can't work things out that I am probably going to end up on there as well!

  2. well...I'm ready for some entertaining date stories. BUT I hope this time is YOUR time on there :)

  3. @Ames - Thanks...it's definitely an interesting experience!
    @Jenn - Thank you...that means a lot! :)

  4. hi doll, thanks so much for stopping by my blog - and guess what?! i'm loving yours already!

  5. back in the hay days, i used both e-harmony and match.com. i found e-harmony a little too restrictive with all the guided communication stuff, but match.com was really a meat market online. as luck would have it, i found someone on match.com - we're still together. i think it just depends on who you get, i'm not sure if each site is better than the other. :)