Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Madness

I don’t really follow college basketball, but I do know that there is something going on right now called March Madness. I don’t have a bracket and I have no idea what teams are doing well. I, however, have had my own March Madness going on. This month has been jam packed with all kinds of fun occasions and I’ve been so busy living life, I haven’t had time to write about any of it!

So here goes. I’m going to fill you in on some of the fun stuff I’ve been up to and I’ll just highlight the really funny/exciting parts and post a few pictures to sum it up.

Bachelorette Party
My cousin is getting married in May and I’ve been so excited about the wedding, I wasn’t even thinking about how amazing the bachelorette party would be. My mom, two sistas and I hit the road to Jacksonville for the bridal shower and bachelorette party a few weekends ago. The shower was beautiful, the bacheloretty party was an absolute blast and it was really great to see my cousin!
  •  I rode the mechanical bull with the bachelorette at Whiskey River. My dress was way too short for such an activity and I was wasted to say the least, but I was honored that out of all the girls there, my cousin picked me to join her. We stayed on for about two minutes…pretty impressive and so much fun!
  • I walked up to a police officer while eating a penis-shaped chocolate chip cookie and said this: “Penis has never tasted so good.” He was pissed. I thought it was funny and was completely embarrassed when my sister reminded me of it the next day.
  • I tried Jager for the first time. This wasn’t a smart decision as I am a bit of a lightweight after my four month drinking break. I thought for sure that shot would do me in. Don’t get me wrong…it was disgusting, but I didn’t get sick and if you know me at all you know that is a miracle!

St. Patty’s DayI had no intention of going out for St. Patty’s Day this year but next thing I knew, my friend Sarah had convinced me to go to an Irish Pub by my house. I’m glad I went because it was an absolute blast!
  • We had been messing around with the guitar player in the band that was performing all night. On our way out, I walked up to him and booped him on the nose. I think I invaded his personal space but he didn’t seem to mind too much.
  • I tried an Irish car bomb for the first time. Again, this is not something I should have done as I really risked getting sick. No puking for me, although it was the most disgusting thing I have had in a long time. Absolutely awful. Cheers to trying new things, though!
  • When the band took a break, we convinced them to let us sit at their instruments for a photo opp. I don’t know if we convinced them as much as we just made our way up there and took our places, but either way. I may have then started playing the drums and we got the cutest picture of all of us.
Kenny Chesney Concert
This weekend was the long-awaited Kenny Chesney/Zac Brown Band concert in Tampa. You see, since I met The Red Sox Fan in January, I thought he was taking me to this concert. Come to find out, he had to choose between taking his brother or me. I backed out and told him to take his brother because I didn’t want to get in the middle of that. I don’t know if I unintentionally made him feel really guilty or if he likes me a whole lot, but he ended up buying me two tickets so I could go with Sarah. Needless to say, I had the time of my life. The concert was absolutely amazing. The weather was beautiful. It was an amazing day.
  • We hit major traffic heading into Tampa. This was frustrating since we were already behind schedule, not to mention the fact that Sarah gave me the responsibility of doing her homework for her in the car. I get carsick easily when trying to do activities like that. Even though conditions were not ideal, we had such a fun time on the drive there. It really is true that it doesn’t matter if things aren’t perfect when you are with the right people!
  • Chugging beers on the way to Raymond James Stadium. Since we were running so late, we didn’t get to the field in time to tailgate. We had a bunch of beers that we weren’t going to let go to waste. After a few beers at the car, with a beer in hand and a back up in my purse, we chugged several beers on our way to the stadium in record time to kick off the day. For a couple of girls, I’d say it was pretty impressive.
  • Making friends with two older women outside the stadium. They proceeded to offer Sarah and I sex advice. Disturbing, yet absolutely hysterical. Julie and Leslie, you ladies ROCK.

It’s definitely been a fun couple of weeks. Life can be stressful sometimes and it’s not always perfect, but being able to let loose every now and then and let yourself have a great time is so very important!


  1. Definitely sounds like you are having lots of fun lately!!
    My friend was just in Charlotte for her cousins bachelorette party last weekend and she said it was really fun- and she rode the bull too!
    and I agree- Irish Car bombs are sooo gross!

  2. I get to see Zac Brown and Kenny Chesney in August!!! Oh and your sister is coming with me!!! YAY!!!