Wednesday, November 3, 2010

“But My ‘Why Not Me?’ Philosophy Began…”

That’s a line from ‘Gonna Get Over You,’ an amazing song by Sara Bareilles. It’s pretty much a fact that her songs have the best lyrics. If you’ve never heard her music before, check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

I used to be the kind of girl who just ruled things out and made bold statements about things I wouldn’t do, things I didn’t do.

Whether I was announcing that I don’t sing karaoke, or that I would never try online dating, or that it’s impossible to stay friends with an ex or blaming myself for things going wrong in a relationship, or telling myself I didn’t think I’d ever find someone I loved as much as Dave, I used to see things as black and white. No grey areas. No middle ground.

2010 Millie was very different than this. I realized that I do sing karaoke and that it makes me giggle nonstop. I tried and loved the ups and downs of online dating. I learned how to stay friends with an ex and am so thankful for that. I stopped blaming myself for things that went wrong and learned that both people could have done things differently. I discovered that there are people I could love as much as Dave and that I had to be patient in the meantime.

I mean, why not? Why wouldn’t I sing karaoke? Why wouldn’t I be lucky enough to find true love again? Why wouldn’t I give online dating a try? Why not me?

We need to stop putting ourselves in these categories, closing ourselves off to things because we have this crazy idea that we “aren’t that type of person.” Sure, it can be scary. Intimidating. We might cry a little. But we might also laugh a lot.

Next time you find yourself saying no to something…just ask yourself, “Why not me?”